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Fire Saving Equipment and Fire Plan

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A fire control and safety plan shows the exact location of all lifesaving appliances and firefighting units. The symbols of the plan of equipment and stowage location are according to IMO requirements.

Garbage Management Plan.

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The Garbage Management Plan is a complete guideline which comprises of a written procedure for collecting, storing, processing, and disposing of garbage generated onboard ship as per regulations provided in Annex V of MARPOL.

Shipboard Oil Pollution Prevention Emergency Plan.

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In this plan you get an overview of possible procedures in case of an oil spill. In the plan is also mentioned who you should contact (list of authorities, oil cleanup teams and port state control) and how to report this event to the nearest coast guard station.

Oil Record Book.

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All Cargo vessels where MARPOL Convention is applicable must have an oil record book where the chief engineer will record all oil or sludge transfers and discharges within the vessel. This is necessary in order for authorities to be able to monitor if a vessel's crew has performed any illegal oil discharges at sea.

Trim & Stability Booklet.

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The Trim and Stability Booklet contains guidance on loading, tank usage, securing of weather tight closures, and stability calculations used to establish the stability of the ship to realistic and satisfactory accuracy.

Solid Waste Management Plan.

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A SWMP is a document that outlines how the vessel will reduce, manage, and dispose of its solid waste. A SWMP will assist and guide the development and implementation of a solid waste management program by establishing what actions need to be taken and by setting the criteria for decision-making.

Ship Security Plan.

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International Maritime Organization states that "The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) is a comprehensive set of measures to enhance the security of ships and port facilities, developed in response to the perceived threats to ships and port facilities in the wake of the 9/11 attacks in the United States" (IMO).


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