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HORIZON INTERNATIONAL NAVAL SURVEYING & INSPECTION BUREAU is dedicated to providing efficient and effective services and products to all Ship Owners/Operators,mitigating the known risks with the highest quality standards worldwide, continuously improving, in accordance with the National Rules and Regulations and International Conventions of the maritime sector. These high standards of work will be achieved and confirmed by operating a Quality Management System that meets the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

The consent and responsibility with the Quality Management System Policy of our Environmental Objectives to guarantee the protection of the environment, the control of risks and opportunities, as well as our Human Health and Safety Objectives, which are our factors and dangers identified to prevent occupational risks by executing required control measures and information security are mandatory and brings together all Personnel including the Approved Inspectors of HORIZON INTERNATIONAL NAVAL SURVEYING & INSPECTION BUREAU

Customer satisfaction and the good name of the Office depend directly on this work philosophy. This policy has the full support and approval of Senior Management.

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Ship Registration in  Honduras


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Colonia Jardines de Loarque, Avenida Principal, Oficina No. 501, Bloque No. #26J, Comayagüela. HONDURAS


Phone : (504) 2226 7122



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Quality System

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