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Each Member of H.I.N.S.I.B. will take care zealously that his/her behaviour maintains a high standard and that their reputation as professionals and the good name of H.I.N.S.I.B. that of the Government of Honduras, which we represent in the exercise of our activities.

Each Member of H.I.N.S.I.B. will exercise his/her work having present the duty of assuring the humanity's well being and of the environment, using for it the best in his/her knowledge and capacities.

It is duty of each Member of H.I.N.S.I.B. to lend with enthusiasm and dedication their personal competition for the best success of the Organisations activities, strengthening this way, in each one of them, professional solidarity, in order to achieve the most effective collective performance within the Organisation.

Each Member of H.I.N.S.I.B. should act, in the exercise of his functions, with honesty, and good faith, he/she won't carry out activities that could impede or hinder the normal development of the Organisations activities.

No Member of H.I.N.S.I.B. will accept payments or another type of emoluments coming from third parties when the service carried out to name of the Organisation.

Each Member of H.I.N.S.I.B. will carry out the activities under his responsibility within the framework of Legal and clean competition.

Each Member of H.I.N.S.I.B. will stay alert and inform his/her Superiors if there exists some activity that could be contrary or harmful to the interests of H.I.N.S.I.B.

To retain money or documents required for the H.I.N.S.I.B. transactions or to make use of them for own benefit or of the third parties.

Confection of fraudulent Certificates, without the due Inspection of the ship.

Omission of the obligations settled down in the Letter of Understanding, depending on their severity.

Omission of the H.I.N.S.I.B. Instructions to the Inspectors that it could affect the integrity of the emitted Certificate, or of the Organisation.

Falsification or alteration of any document.

To demand or to obtain remuneration or disproportionate benefits to the services provided by H.I.N.S.I.B. taking advantage of the Customer's necessity, ignorance or inexperience.

Viclation of the applicable National and International Regulations that affect the integrity of the service provided on behalf of H.I.N.S.I.B.

No Member of the Organisation or the Sub-contractor in function, can exercise similar Jobs for other Company or Administration during working hours or time of execution of his duties, not inside not with resources of the same (directly or indirectly).

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Colonia Jardines de Loarque, Avenida Principal, Oficina No. 501, Bloque No. #26J, Comayagüela. HONDURAS


Phone : (504) 2226 7122



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