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The classification of ship has major importance for investment protection, prove themselves and others a good maintenance of the vessel and show countries and insurers are complying with the requirements of the industry standard.

Rules & Regulations for Classification on Existing Ships.

Ship's Classification can be regarded as the implementation of published Rules and Regulations which will provide for:

Ship's structural strength and watertight integrity as required of all essential parts of the Hull.

The safety and reliability of the essential machinery and steering systems.

The effectiveness of other features and auxiliary systems which have been built into the vessel in order to establish and maintain basic conditions onboard whereby appropriate cargoes and personnel can be safely carried while the vessel proceeds to sea, lays at anchor or is moored in harbor.

Horizon International Naval Surveying and Inspection Bureau (H.I.N.S.I.B.) maintains these regulations by way of periodical visits by their surveyors to the vessel, as explained in the Regulations, in order to ascertain that the vessel complies with these Rules and Regulations.

Survey Requirements for Steel Ships

Survey Limits
Annual Surveys (all ships)
Intermediate Surveys (all ships)
Special Survey (all ships)
Bottom Survey
Tailshaft Survey
Boiler Survey
Surveys related to Oil Tankers - Cargo Areas
Surveys related to Bulk and Ore Carriers - Cargo Areas
Surveys related to Chemical Tankers or Product Tankers - Cargo Areas
Surveys of Inert Gas Systems


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